Family Sailing
The sea is a great place to live unbelievable experiences with your family!!

Velasyviento TEAM wants to enjoy your holidays with you family!

«The best summer school where children can learn great values.”

  • Family sailing

    The sea is a great place to live unbelievable experiences with your family!.

This is one of the main reasons why we consider that sharing your holidays with your family in a sailboat will be for sure an unforgettable experience for all the family members, and according to our experience the ones enjoying the most are usually the younger family members.

Usually many people wonder if this “holiday plan” is possible and suitable with children between 4 and 12 years…our answer is clear: It is not only possible, it is highly recommendable!

From our experience after several years navigating with families with children’s and of course the experiences lived by our clients, we can guarantee that this is a unique and amazing way to spend your holydays with all the members of your family. You will see that the younger members will enjoy even more than their parents, and most probably you will repeat next year!!

After many years of experience VelasyViento have prepared a specific product for the families interested in sailing cruises with children’s based on the following elements:

First of all the security!
Our sailboats are equipped with all the security measures required by the official authorities. In addition we have included additional security measures for the children’s, making sailboat navigation one of the most reliable transport method.
An exclusive plan ...
Just imagine that every day you wake up in a different beach of the Balear Islands with new and magnificent landscapes to discover with your family members…doesn’t it sound good? If you decide to spend some days in one of our sailboats we can guarantee that you will live a unique and exclusive experience having access to virgin areas that you wouldn’t have access otherwise.
An affordable plan
Usually people think that this type of adventures / holidays, are only available for the families with higher revenues…as it used to be in the past.
We will demonstrate that this is only a myth because today we have been able to make this type of holidays affordable to almost all the families with very competitive prices.
You also have to consider that due to the fact that the final price will be very similar to the “all inclusive” formula, from the first moment you will have a control on the total budget of your holidays, avoiding last minute surprises with the bill…
A healthy plan in the middle of nature
A sailing adventure is without any doubt one of the most fascinating ways to be in contact with nature, and to enjoy its benefits. The sea will help all of you to disconnect of the typical stress way of life of the cities, and for the younger members this will be a new world without television, video games, internet, and even without mobile phones in some navigation areas…¡this will be a real challenge for all!
Stop to the routine and monotony
The lack of experience and information can make some people think that a complete week on board can be boring…we will demonstrate you this is totally wrong!!!
In our sailing adventures you will have the possibility to choose amongst a large offer of activities that can be done both in the sea and on land when we arrive to the port…you will live a week full of new emotions!
The best team ... your family!
Mainly the younger family members, but also not so young members love to discover and learn new things related to navigation, and collaborate in the different sailing maneuvers. To spend your holidays on board of a sailboat with your family can be the perfect opportunity to strengthen the relation with your children’ making a first class TEAM!!
In addition to this, it will be a very complete adventure that will transmit to your children’s some of the key values in today society: to share, to respect, to listen, to work in team, to collaborate, to help… and what is even more important, they will learn all these values while they enjoy a unique experience!

Our Family Sailing product counts with all the requirements to make your experience an unforgettable adventure, we only need to know the details of your sailing plan for the holydays.
We have developed a brief questionnaire composed by 5 questions that will help us to customize your adventure considering your expectations. You just need to click on our assistant “COCO the Pirate” and in a few steps we will be able to help you.

Please remember that in order to guarantee the success of this type of adventures it is highly recommended to book in advance to be sure that you will find exactly what you are looking for.