The method of Velas y Viento

We have reinforced our experience to share it with customers for more than 20 years

We have developed notes for each level / guides that will help you better understand navigation techniques.

The basis of our methodology is only one: the practice / courses are taught one hundred percent sailing.

We never do groups of more than 6 people, we want our students to take advantage of the courses 100%

Progressive and constant, it is the only way to reach levels.

We have different kinds of sailboats (length, sails, rigging, …) that we use depending on the level of the course and the students.

We not only teach basic maneuvers but also advanced ones such as spi technical courses, moorings, bad weather

They are already 20 years sailing what reinforces our philosophy in teaching: we only learn by enjoying. We do not form race champions or sailors who only learn to do one thing on board. We try to form complete navigators, who feel sailing in a global way and who know how to function alone, as well as work as a team in the different positions.

We will learn to perform the basic maneuvers under sail, anchor, tie up, handle a Spi and everything you want to reinforce. Everything is really easy to learn but you need a condition, practice and want to enjoy sailing.

We have developed and reinforced our experience and nautical knowledge to transmit them to our clients.

Check our programs and, if you have any questions when choosing, contact us and we see it together, we have dates scheduled for the different courses, you can see all of them in the calendar.

If you do not fit any, we can adapt to your dates with crew members who are in your same situation (navigators bag all year).

Initiation Course

The first contact with cruise navigation

Advanced course

To continue learning to navigate and acquire more skill

Advanced course

To continue improving your skills and knowledge on board

Spinnaker course

To learn how to handle specific bow technical sails for bearing bearings

Maintenance Course

To be prepared to resolve any incident that may take place on board

Navigation License

Government of boats up to 6 m. and jet skis up to 2 miles