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Constantly updating our sailing techniques and we are delivering constant training to all our clients

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  • Sailing Courses in Dénia

    It is now more than 15 years since we started to develop and reinforce our expertise and nautical knowledge in order to transmit our experiences to our clients.

The Velas y Viento Method

We have developed internally theoretical notes / guides that will help you to better understand the sailing techniques
Our methodology is based on the practical experience; the entire course will take place in the sailboat.
In order to make the courses as much individual as possible, we never make groups of more than 6 persons per sailboat.
Progressive and constant training is the way we usually work to achieve a good sailing level
Amongst our fleet of sailboats we have very different sailboat types / sizes which cover all our client’s needs and levels.
We also give advanced technical courses such as: sailboat mechanics, adverse metheorological conditions, security maneuvres etc.

We are neither a high performance training center for advanced professionals, neither a specialized academy to improve one specific aspect of the sailing technique. VelasyViento main objective is to share our passion for the sea and the wind with our trainees, and to prepare them to become complete sailors being able to sail in team with the rest of the sailboat members assuming different roles, but we also like to prepare all of them to be independent enough to be able to guide the sailboat alone.

In our courses our clients will learn basic sailing maneuvers, advanced sailing techniques (for example the use of the spinnaker), how to anchor boats in different seabeds, mooring tecniques, and any other sailing aspect that you will consider important to become a better sailor. From our point of view it is relatively easy to become a good sailor and only a few aspects are necessary to obtain a good sailing level: to practice as much as possible, and a positive attitude in order to enjoy all your sailing experiences. 

We highly recommend all our website visitors to have a look at our specific training programs and if you have any doubt, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be pleased to help you to choose the course that best suits your needs.

From the beginning of each natural year we try to Schedule the different training sessions, you can see the existing courses by entering in our calendar. We would also like to remind you that we can prepare specific courses on demand which are obviously not included in the calendar.

If none of the proposed dates for the courses you are interested in are OK for you, do not panic!!! We are very flexible and if there are other clients interested in the same courses than you we can schedule a new date for you and the rest of sailors.

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