Sailing Courses, Boat Maintenance, Nautical Titling and Boat Rental in Denia, Alicante (Spain)

All our activities are related to the world of sailing – sailing courses, events, cruises, regattas, company departures, boat rental (sailing – motor), private boat maintenance, …. and in all of them, we try to do a good job with a direct, familiar, personal and responsible treatment, so that your experience is as satisfactory and complete as possible.

About us

The bases of the Velas y Viento team are reliability and commitment. Our work is based on responsible and professional actions, together with our experience and our passion for what we do, guarantee an excellent result for our clients. For us it is a privilege to have the opportunity to share our experience and knowledge with people interested in navigation.

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A magnificent selection of yachts in Denia to have exactly the kind of navigation experience you want

Nautical School …

Do you want to obtain a nautical leisure certificate?

Centro de Estudios Náuticos Tagomago

Our Team

No puedo cambiar la dirección del viento, pero si ajustar mis velas para llegar siempre a mi destino | I can not change the direction of the wind, but if I adjust my sails to always reach my destination – James Dean

David Esteban

David Esteban - Director de comunicaciones | Director of Communications

Quienes no comprendan que el velero es un ser vivo jamás entenderán nada de la mar ni de los barcos | Those who do not understand that the sailboat is a living being will never understand anything about the sea or the boats – B. Moitessier

Beatriz Glez

Beatriz Glez. Piñero - Directora | Director

El pesimista se queja del viento; El optimista espera que cambie; el realista ajusta las velas | The pessimist complains about the wind; The optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails – William George Ward

Carlos Aguado

Carlos Aguado - Fundador e Instructor de Vela | Founder and Sailing Instructor

Book a boat

We want to share with you our passion and experience.

If you want to rent a boat, with or without skipper, motor or sail or simply ask us something, do not hesitate and contact us.

Explain what you are looking for, the desired dates, the type of boat, if you need a skipper, your language, the destinations you want to see, etc.

We want to get to know you in order to organize a tailor made navigation plan and prepare your boat in the best conditions so that your experience is of maximum satisfaction.

Note: We will collect your concerns and look for the best solution that suits your needs.